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Lorne McKean copyright 2009


Lorne McKean has recently completed a bronze of Lee Pearson on Gentleman, winner of nine gold medals for dressage.

Lorne sculpting Lee and Gentleman at their training arena

Finished Bronze  H: 44cm  Edition: 2 of 9


Lorne has had a wonderful season in 2011 following Adolfo Cambiazo through the games and modelling him from life.

The Sculpture is now finished - see images below.

Adolfo Cambiaso on his famous stallion Aiken Cura. This sculpture was modelled watching `Adolfo playing in the Queens cup at Guards, the gold cup at Cowdray Park and at the Dubai grounds.

Adolfo Cambiaso is the greatest polo player the world has ever known. There isn't a major polo trophy that he hasn't won.

Adolfo looking at the sculpture

The sculptor Lorne Mckean with patron Ali Asbwardy and Adolfo Cambiaso looking at the bronze at the Dubai polo grounds.

Adolfo modelling for the sculpture


Lorne went to visit Carl Hester winner of 2 silver medals and a Gold in the European Dressage championships and his beautiful black Stallion Uthopia.

Carl and Uthopia are here seen eyeing the wax maquette of them performing Piaffe with great interest. Lorne is making a larger sculpture of this in bronze for the 2012 Olympic games.

March 2012 Horse and Hound

Lorne McKean and Carl Hester


Jeremy Hunt the Cultural Minister looking at the bronze of Adolfo Cambiaso on Aiken Cura in the current exhibition at the Lewis Elton gallery in Guildford Surrey.


Lorne working the wax of Carl Hester as part of the casting process at Atelier fine Art foundry with a tight deadline to complete the bronze in time for BT's Art of sport exhibition for the Olympics at the Clarendon House Gallery , Mayfair from the 25th to the 30th June.


Carl Hester on Uthopia performing Piaffe. London 2012 Olympic British DressageTeam Gold Medal winner. 

Currently in the Royal Lounge Heathrow to welcome Olympic visitors.

Article in August edition of

Horse and Rider

01.11. 2012

Lorne has just completed a new bronze of a lovely side saddle mare "Milly"  In order to become familiar with the subject she practised riding side saddle on her polo pony Bonito who seemed very happy with the idea. Apparently in American when judging sidesaddle competitions they even taste the quality of the sandwiches in the sandwich bag!

29.04. 2013


Equestrian Art Exhibition A Passion for Polo and the Horse

The T5 Gallery situated at Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport is delighted to introduce our Equestrian Art Exhibition featuring renowned equestrian sculptor and gallery artist in residence Lorne McKean and talented emerging equestrian painter Faye Nasser-Joley.

Click here for more on the press release

16.11. 2013

Arabian Stallion - This sculpture was modelled  from the beautiful Arabian Stallion Om El Bahreyn

 during Lorne's exhibition at Heathrow Terminal 5 Gallery  in the summer and completed afterwards with Bahreyn posing at his stud in Sussex.