Equestrian Art Exhibition

PRESS RELEASE Equestrian Art Exhibition  A Passion for Polo and the Horse

The T5 Gallery situated at Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport is delighted to introduce our Equestrian Art Exhibition featuring renowned equestrian sculptor and gallery artist in residence Lorne McKean and talented emerging equestrian painter Faye Nasser-Joley.

This special exhibition includes a Royal centre piece sculpture: the half lifesize artists copy of HRH Prince Phillip playing polo by Lorne McKean. The exhibition will be on display in the T5 Gallery in Heathrow Airport from 13th May until 26th June 2013. Situated in Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport adjunct to the first class check in desk, the award winning T5 Gallery offers passengers a cultural artistic experience, providing wonderful artwork available to purchase as well as offering a contemplative space within the bustle of the airport. With artwork from international young emerging artists adorning the walls and monumental sculpture at the core of the space, the T5 Gallery provides artistic inspiration for the traveller. Open 365 days a year from 8am to 8pm we welcome all and hope you find the exhibition as captivating as it is unexpected.

Lorne Mckean is an award winning artist and a fellow of The Royal Society of British Sculptors with a career spanning over 40 years. The Telegraph named Lorne “one of the worlds greatest equestrian sculptors“.

She has completed many public commissions during her successful career including the half lifesize bronze sculpture of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh for Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park, the 9 metre high bronze sculpture “Flight” in Leeds City Centre and AA Milnes public memorial of the lifesize Winnie at London Zoo.

Royal commissions include The Queens personal Silver Wedding present to her husband on which the Guards Polo sculpture is based. A portrait sculpture of HM The Queen, Prince Charles playing polo on Pan’s folly and The Late Prince William of Gloucester at Kensington Palace.

Lorne has created many sculptures spanning all equine disciplines and selection of these will be shown at the exhibition.

As official BT Sculptor for the London 2012 Olympic Games Lorne modeled  sculptures of Olympic Gold Medal Dressage Riders Lee Pearson riding Gentleman and Carl Hester on Utopia, both from life in the run up to the games.

Lorne’s most recent polo sculpture is of the worlds No 1 polo player Adolfo Cambiaso which was modeled from life working closely with Adolfo and the Dubai Polo Team.

Lorne will also be our artist in residence during the exhibition where you can see her working on her latest sculpture of an Arab stallion to be cast in bronze and will be available to answer questions on her work.

Lorne began studying seriously at the age of 10 when her work attracted the attention of Prince Serge Yourievitch a contemporary and friend of Rodin and under his guidance and encouragement she began modelling at his studio. She was a student at the Royal Academy Schools and won the Leverhume Scholarship, the Silver medal for sculpture combined with architecture, and the Feodora Gleichen Scholarship. Two sculptures were accepted by the Royal Academy when she was only 20 and she was elected a Member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors in 1969 and a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 1972.

Faye Nasser-Joley is an inspirational artist with a humanist conscience. Painting since the age of three, Faye has won numerous awards and has also achieved a first class Art degree. She has gone on to become one of England’s most talented emerging artists, with clients and collectors in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. Her portraiture, whether human or equine, intimately captures the essence of the individual. This innovative approach has led to many high profile commissions, such as portraits of Stirling Moss OBE and Ade Adepitan MBE. Earlier this year Faye was honoured with an introduction to the Queen, whom was most enamoured with Fayes equestrian pieces. Faye is a regular exhibitor at the T5 Gallery and her work has been displayed prevalently across the Middle East at the Dubai Equestrian Polo Club.Faye believes that “the things we value in a sport such as Polo are the same things we value in a horse: achievement, strength, determination. The majority of Fayes work however, explores the horse as the focus, separate from their human counterparts: the independence of character, strength, loyalty and vulnerability and the horse’s experience of the human led sport”.

Lorne and Faye are happy to be interviewed, please contact: samantha@highperformanceart.co.uk to arrange an interview.